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In December 2007 representatives from a group of A/V rental & staging companies met to discuss the concept of a network where member companies would come together to improve their business operations and profitability by sharing ideas and leveraging relationships.

Discussed goals included:

  • Developing methodologies for sharing business intelligence and best practices
  • Providing a “voice” to the industry regarding education and training
  • Identifying partners for large-scale projects & “on the road” support
  • Product standardization for increased purchasing power
  • Building a trustworthy network to confidently refer customers within

Defined Goals and Objectives:
From this discussion the Rental & Staging Network was born, with the goal of organizing geographically-diverse companies across North America. Each well respected by peers and the marketplace, with complete show capabilities (i.e. – sound, lights, video), and with annual revenue exceeding $2.5 million.

The Company:
Rental and Staging Network, Inc. (RSN) is incorporated in the state of Oklahoma and operates as a for-profit corporation, owned by the member companies. The network employs an Executive Management firm to manage the daily affairs of RSN on behalf of the stakeholders.

Exclusive Services Available:
RSN is “raising the bar” of professionalism within the rental and staging industry, setting its members apart as an elite market segment. The network gives the members the ability to meet and communicate within a select peer group. RSN has a monthly newsletter, an industry PR program, and utilizes on-line surveys to capture relevant metrics that help management make informed business decisions.

Three times yearly there are member meetings, one concurrent with a leading industry trade show, one that also includes Sales and Operations management teams, and one at a member’s facility, where invaluable face-to-face discussions result.

Quarterly there is a group conference call to discuss timely issues and the business environment.

The RSN website contains a member only, password protected section serving as portal for member resources and interactive sharing and communication.

Potential Candidates for Affiliation:
The key to success of any network is having the right members. RSN affiliation is by invitation only with the following membership criteria:

Base competencies and capabilities

  • “Company-based” skill sets and services vs. “employee-based” skill sets
  • Video inventory mandatory for “capture and display”
  • Expertise in all three core areas – lighting, sound, video
  • Ability to spec, design, and execute a large show


  • Must have inventory in all categories – sound, video, and lighting
  • Substantial investment in inventory with a rough minimum of $1.5 million in inventory based on the formula-(1.7X fixed assets equal gross revenue.)

Other Requirements

  • Must be sponsored by an existing stakeholder
  • Provide example projects and describe the role played by your company
  • Continuity of ownership
  • Stable employee base with low turnover

Meeting Attendance

  • Must attend meetings (Two per year)
  • Must participate on monthly conference calls
  • Must participate in surveys and sponsored programs

To learn more about joining RSN, email Lynn McCullough, Executive Director at Please include a brief company description, or link to your website, and let us know how you learned about RSN.