VIdeo West

Video West, Inc.

Video West, Inc. is a full service video, audio, lighting and staging Rental Company headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. We serve the live event marketplace with state of the art equipment supported by a passionate staff of expert professionals dedicated to the success of your productions. With meticulous pre-production planning, site surveys, CAD design and careful listening to our clients’ requirements and expectations, we achieve these Results By Design.


1050 N 52nd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85008


Name: Jack Waitkus
Title: President
Phone: 480-222-3180

Name:Maureen Olson
Title: Executive Vice President of Sales & Business Operations
Phone: 480-222-3180

Business Details:
Year Started: 1982

Rental Systems:
Stock and Custom Video Screens
Broadcast Cameras, Robotics
Video Switching
Video Signal Processing
Live Streaming

Stock and Custom Video Screens:
AV Stumpfl, Gerriets, Stewart, Da-Lite, custom soft goods surfaces and support up to 360º

Broadcast Cameras, Robotics:
Panasonic AJ-HPX3100 HD Cameras with SMPTE and Telecast fiber, Sony HDC-1500R Studio HD60p Cameras, Sony DXC-55 WSHP Digital Cameras, Panasonic AW-HE 1305 P/T/Z HD/SDI Robocams with Painting Controls, Panasonic AW-HE 50s HD/SDI Robocams

Video Switching Systems:
Barco FSN 1804 2.5 M/E Multi Format 3G, Production Switching with 2D DVE, MVE; ROSS Carbonite 3.5 M/E; Panasonic AV-HS450 HD/SDI Multi Resolution Switching, Panasonic AV-HS-410 Switching, Synergy II 16-input, 2 ME Digital Production Switching

Video Signal Processing Systems:
Dataton WATCHOUT Extreme Content Mainframe with 8 Outputs and Multiviewing; Spyder X20s with 40x HD/SDI and 32x DVI Routers; Dual ScreenPro II Output Switching/Routing

Video Projection:
Barco HDF-W30, Barco HDX W20s, Barco FLM HD20s, Barco HDX W18s, Barco R20+ DLPs, Barco RLM HD W8s, Christie LHD 700 7K HD projection, Eiki Workshop/Breakouts projection

LED Displays with Processing:
Barco C5 True Black 5.5mm Tiles with Barco C5 DX-700 2-in, 2-out Mainframes; ROE Black Onyx 2.8mm & 3.4mm, Brompton M2 and S4 Processing. Martin VDO Face 5mm Indoor/Outdoor, Martin P3 Processing

Yamaha CL5 72-Ch and DigiDesign Venue Profile 48×32 with FOH Snakes, Yamaha M7CL and PM-5D Consoles, Dugan MY-16 auto Mixing, Midas M32 40×25 and 36x 16 Digital Consoles, L’Acoustics VDOSC, DV-Dosc, K2, K1-SB, KS28, SB28, SB18, ARCS II, KUDO, KARA, JBL Vertec VT-4888 and VRX-932 Systems, Crown I-Tech and Omni Drive processing; JBL VRX 932 LAP, QSC K10 and Meyer UPM-1P Powered Speakers, Shure and RØDE wireless, Tempest Digital Comm, Motorola DTR650 900MHz 10-Ch Radios

grandMA2 light , High End Systems Road Hog 4, Road Hog 2048 Scene Control, ETC Sensor Dimming, Conventional Instrumentation, Elation QA RGBA LED Pars, Strand PL-4 Zoom LED Luminaires, Chroma-Q Color Force 72s, 48, 12, Color Force II 72, 48, 12 ColorBlaze 72 and 48 TR4 RGBA LED strip, Martin Quantum Wash & Profile, Viper Profile, Viper Air FX, Viper Performance, Rush Par 2 zoom, Clay Paky Scenius Unico, ROBE Spiider, Pointe, ColorStrobe, Vari*Lite VL 3500s, 3000s, 2500s, VLX3s, Martin Mac Aura LEDs

INFITEC EX-Xenon 3-D Filters for Barco 20+K projection with 3-D eyewear, Video West Inc. Custom Video Press 81 Broadcast Video/Audio Distribution System, Telecast Telethon 3G Multiplexing System, Blonder Tongue RF Transmission/Reception Satellite Signal Distribution, Christie Digital FHD551-X Ultra-Thin Super Narrow Bezel LCD Monitor Walls, QuikStage Decking