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Producing over 5,000 events annually, our Network exceeds expectations to create unmatched audience experiences.

Comprehensive Design

Members are highly experienced in creating solutions that integrate your needs with audience desires.

Dedicated Resources

Complete consultation, design, technology execution, and support services to deliver stand-out live events.

Trusted Partners

Our integrity relies on being connected to the best technology and equipment partners in the industry.

  • "Through our Network of trusted companies, event planners and producers have access to dependable and highly-qualified resources from across the US, Canada and Mexico. We ensure a consistent level of expertise that alleviates the worry of vetting a new production company in multiple locations"

    Steve Wildemann, Advanced Staging Productions
    Steve Wildemann, Advanced Staging Productions RSN Past President
  • "Time and time again, the power of the Rental & Staging Network has proven itself. We founded this Network to help leading companies stay ahead of the curve through shared best practices, cross-support and keeping a focus on innovation and quality"

    Matt Emerson, CEAVCO
    Matt Emerson, CEAVCO RSN Founder and Past President

A Special AV Guide to Hybrid Events

RSN has delivered more than 1,000 hybrid events.

Now, we want to share our expertise with this special AV Guide to Hybrid Events.

Based on real-world experience, this guide will help you create a memorable experience and features:

  • Best practices from the frontlines
  • Plans for the unexpected
  • How to drive engagement, results